Monday, October 3, 2011

Its not just what you know………….

Frequent travel has its advantages, and that applies to cruise travel on Princess just as it does for air travel on Continental (or whatever). Because of the world cruise we have more than 50 days – making us Platinum in their Captains Circle program.
As such we get certain perks – 500 free minutes of internet, Captains Circle cocktails and snacks in a lounge each evening and, once a cruise, the Captains reception.
Our friends, Jay and Sydney Buehler are even more Elite travellers – they are actually the second and third most frequent cruisers on the ship – so we have been fortunate enough to enjoy a few of their perks as well. …..It’s who you know…. Right?
As elite and most frequent travellers they get honored at a cocktail reception by the Captain with a gift and a bottle of champagne (Jays is on the right) – have lovely cocktails etc. Then they had a lucky draw for champagne again and I was the winner! I never win a raffle but there is the evidence (on the left!). BTW – the evidence is gone now.

Then, today, Sidnee and her daughter Millary and Jay and I went to the Captains lunch party, sat at the Captains table and had a lovely chat and meal. 

It was beautifully catered 

and presented and was a lot of fun – again its who you know!!

Just want you all to know out there that after our next cruise Merle and I will have elite status so if you want to be spoiled on Princess Cruises……….

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